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Contract of Agency. Definition: Agency can be defined as the relationship between two persons, wherein a person has the authority to act on behalf of another.

Contract of Agency is a two-party relationship in which one person acts as representative to the other in business dealing in order to create contractual relations between that other and third person. An agency may be created to perform any act which the creator of agency himself could lawfully do.

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Agency is a relationship which exists where one person (the principal) authorizes another (the agent) to act on his behalf, and the agent.

Introduction: What is Agency? When one party delegates some authority to another party whereby the latter performs his actions in a more or less.

While making contract there may be or may not be consideration. Agency is process of delegating the authority by a principal to the agent to act and represent from.

Agency system is very popular in the current business scenario. An agent is a person acting on behalf of his principal. It's a connecting link between the principal.

CONTRACT OF AGENCY · Meaning of Contract of AgencyBy contract of agency a person employs another person to do any · PARTIES TO THE.

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Contract of agency notes pdf

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