Sales and Distribution Management student ppt notes

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Learning Objective(s): After the completion of this course, a student shall be able to. 1. Develop skills in managing a sales team, dealer management and.

PROJECT. Option 1: Students are expected to choose a company in groups of 5-6 and do thorough analysis of its marketing and sales and distribution strategies.

To explain to students the role of the sales function as a component of marketing communication, the personal selling process, the sales management process,.

The Sales and Distribution Management course is divided into two modules. The first module will look at . Student Learning Outcomes. This course strives to.

However, general students who wish to get a brief overview of sales and distribution management may find this tutorial quite useful. Disclaimer & Copyright.

educational institutions, other faculty members and students for improvement of the . Sales management is just one facet of a company's overall marketing mix,.

To expose the students to various aspects of sales and distribution management as an integral part of marketing management and provide abilities in sales and.

The aim of the course is that the student understands the importance of sales and marketing in carrying out successful accommodation business operations, and.

Credits - 4. External Marks - 75. Objective. The course aims to impart the knowledge and skills needed to manage the sales force and distribution functions in a.

Student Learning Outcomes: Apply fundamental concepts involving the selling and buying process with particular emphasis on oral, written, and interpersonal.

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Sales and Distribution Management student ppt notes

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